Meaghan Thurston, Michael Armstrong and Zeina Medhat

The Montreal Mirror, ARTSWEEK August 4th 2011:

See the real MTL!

For many tourists, a visit to Montreal includes walking through our “Underground City,” eating a smoked meat sandwich and vomiting on Crescent. With their travel initiative called Movement TravelMichael Armstrong,Meaghan Thurston and Zeina Medhat offer tours that not only explore the history and culture of different neighbourhoods, but also connect international travellers to different non-profit organizations. Armstrong says they want to encourage travellers to “sustain local communities, instead of coming to exploit them and then leaving.”

Their first tour, Know Your Neighbourhood, begins this Saturday, Aug. 6, starting in the Old Port and making its way up St-Laurent, through Chinatown, the Latin Quarter and the lower Plateau.

“Public art is a major component of the walk because it’s part of our celebration of Montreal. It’s how we experience the city visually,” says Armstrong.

The tour will also be making several stops at local organizations like alternative art collective USINE106U and Santropol Roulant.

It begins at 2 p.m. at the intersection of Rue de la Commune and Place Cartier. Tickets cost $15 and include a picnic lunch, with profits going to the organizations previously mentioned. Movement Travel also organizes a Nightlife Electronic tour, connecting travellers with Montreal’s underground electronic music scene. For more info, visit



Dressed in Black: Meaghan Thurston!


Dressed in Black: We’ve tentatively named this newish blog column in honour of the tune by The Shangri-Las cuz it’s a little moody sounding…like us! You’ll be able to locate this series by clicking on the Style & Fashion category below. Now without any further ado, our sixth interviewee, Meaghan Thurston       Read More

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