One Vintage Blouse, Four Looks: Often I hear shoppers commenting when they try things on, ‘It’s great, but I don’t know when I’d wear it’. For this post I’ve picked a blouse from the store that might look complicated to wear, but easily makes three distinct, fab outfits! Read More

Maria Svatina, A Montreal Textile Treasure: “The art of the weaver has perhaps lost it’s due respect in this age of mass produced textile products…”  Read More

Citizen Vintage (5330 St. Laurent) stocks carefully selected vintage pieces for men and women. What a friendly and fun atmosphere, too!” Read more

Cinema Style: “We were totally surprised and thrilled to be graced by the beatific presence of Julia Roberts yesterday in the store.” Read More

Take Your Clothes Off, Montreal! This weekend S.W.A.P Team has arrived in Montreal to throw a giant clothing exchange at Place des Arts.  who are these garment guerrillas that have penetrated Montreal’s foremost house of arts and culture?” Read More

Vintage Mom, Catherine Thurston: “Annex Vintage bloggist Meaghan Thurston checks in with some amazing photos of her most stunning and styling vintage mom” Read More

The Art of the Outfit: “When art and clothing get together, it is a beautiful union. In the 90s, designers such as Comme des Garçons and Martin Margiela explored the boundaries of clothing and their cultural meanings.” Read More

The Fall Wardrobe Must-Haves, Vintage Edition  “If the chill in the air is causing panic in your closet, there are lots of ways to stretch summer items into the autumn months.” Read More



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