Art Crit

At Home in Dust: Francesca Woodman’s ’House Series’ Revisited‘ in Forum the University of Edinburgh’s Journal of Arts and Culture

Beastly Humans and Civilized Critters Julie Côté Galerie Pangée


A Cultural Degustation Montreal Museums Day

No Easy Way Out: Dance piece “Ceci n’est pas une sortie” offers a twisting tale of two cultures at the Montreal Fringe Festival

A Job Well Done Rover writer gets personal in review of comedian Jimmy Hogg’s “Curriculum Vitae” at the Montreal Fringe Festival

The Empowerers Strike Back Sarah Quinn’s one-woman show Other People’s Problems celebrates the nervy spaz in us all

Make Jokes Not War Basic Training is a physical, profane, and poignant one-man-showstopper

Freakin’ Time to Say Goodbye Exiting the Zoo with DeAnne Smith’s About Freakin’ Time

A Poetic Ascent, Shugendo Now is a Film for a Cynic. From The Dominion, News from the Grassroots.

—Forthcoming: DOM, The Place-Based Interventions of Katy Bentall in Onsite Review

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