It’s a Book!

Maison Kasini announces the publication of Printoptik, which acts as a lens presenting several points of view on the work of artist Carl David Ruttan. Essays by Mark Grenon, Meaghan Thurston, and Henri Michaud explore the different ways in which the artist uses collage in his work.

Ruttan produces a large body of small art collages while travelling. His source material is bits of found paper collected while walking the streets of lands both foreign and familiar. At home, he blows-up the collage to make a one-of-a-kind fine art print that explores the micro-world of paper. Ruttan has also taken thousands of photographs of “found collage”: images of layered and torn posters, paints and textures. The processes of street photography, decollage and collage merge to take the reader on a visual journey.

Printoptik is a visual feast. The book is lavishly illustrated with Ruttan’s colourful images. Three critical essays describe Ruttan’s work as reflections on collecting, diary keeping, ripping, tearing, reclaiming, printing, and especially seeing.t was launched in conjunction with Ruttan’s solo show, “Trusted Everywhere by Everyone”, exhibited at Galerie Maison Kasini in Montreal, October 19-November 26, 2011. (EXHIBITION DETAILS HERE) 


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